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Rough Edges Shop 

Proudly women of color owned, Rough Edges Shop is a faith-based online apparel company based in Brooklyn, NY with the goal of raising awareness about mental health, especially about how faith plays a role in healing within relationships, families, the church, and communities of color. 


Founded in 2023 by Sarah Fox (host of Rough Edges Podcast) and Marilette Sanchez (@BigCityBigFamily), the idea was birthed during a frequently interrupted brainstorming session on Marilette’s couch, who is a proud homeschooling mom of five rambunctious children. 


20% of all proceeds will be donated to a mental health focused charity.

Meet the Team


Christian Mental Health Initiative is a non-profit aimed at increasing the mental health literacy of Christians around the world. Though mental health and spiritual health are similar, we must learn about their differences to effectively achieve the wellness we seek. CMHI helps churches and Christians to learn about mental health through workshops, webinars, Mental Health First Aid trainings, our mental health resources page, and so much more. Visit to learn more.

Who We Are 

Mission | How we fulfill our purpose

To effectively overcome the stigma around mental health issues by sharing hope one conversation at a time. 


Vision | What we want for the world

An ever-increasing number of communities who understand that faith and psychology can complement each other. We envision a future where individuals will validate and extend empathy so that others can do the same.

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