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Finding the intersection between faith & psychology

Rough Edges Podcast, one of the top 10% most popular shows globally, exists to provide mental health education as well as faith based messages in order to inspire growth and foster healing. In this mental health podcast, the host Sarah I. Fox, will guide you through her faith and healing journey to dispel the stigma surrounding mental illness and to create an empowering resource for those who wish to discover more about these topics. Her hope is that this podcast will not only shed light on mental health issues but will also reveal the intersection between faith and mental illness in order to bring growth and healing in our communities.

Welcome to Rough Edges

"Dear Bipolarity"

A love letter to my bipolar disorder

Lydia via Apple Podcasts, United States of America

“Sarah’s podcast is truly a space for everyone to come as they are and begin their healing journey. I love her approach to mental health, faith, and her experience. I know life is super busy and it can be hard to take to to listen to a podcast so it isn’t lightly that I recommend everyone give it a listen.”
Sarah I. Fox (mental health podcast host)


Meet Sarah I. Fox

Sarah I. Fox is a Christian woman who empowers others to embrace hope in a world that says otherwise. She is a recent graduate of Liberty University with an M.S. in Criminal Justice: Forensic Psychology. She is also an alumna of The King’s College with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a Pre-Law minor. Sarah currently works as a Case Manager for justice-involved individuals. With this profession, Sarah spends most of her time providing resources and support to individuals who are participating in this alternative to incarceration program. 

She manages her own blog and her writings were featured in several publication sites including the Empire State Tribune, Iridescent Women, the Christian Mental Health Initiative, Anxious Faith, and more. Sarah is also the host of the top 10% globally ranked podcast called “Rough Edges Podcast with Sarah I. Fox” where she shares educational tools about mental health, anecdotes from her healing journey, and the intersection between faith and mental illness. In addition to her many accolades, Sarah loves performing spoken word, writing for her blog, collecting all things purple, and trying new exotic foods.

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